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Want To Be a WTG! Rider?

You Need to:
  • Be a resident of FG.
  • Be a person who is unable to drive or does not drive.
  • Be 60+ years old (or younger if faced with vision or other medical issues, which prevent you from driving).
  • Be ambulatory (without needing a wheel-chair) requiring only minimal assistance for entering/exiting a car. Walkers and canes are acceptable.
  • Submit a formal application and agree to a pre-membership interview.  Click here to download an application form.
  • Pay an annual membership fee ($25).
  • Pay FGRS in advance for all rides (in packages of 5 rides at $6/ride).
  • Schedule rides considered essential to your personal well-being (medical, groceries, etc) at least three days in advance.
  • Abide by the WTG! Rider Code of Conduct.

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